GalaxyControl    Crypto Space Commander - Recent OpenSea Sales   v0.1
Ships and modules from Crypto Space Commanders sold for CryptoCurrency and thus real value.
Data is gathered every 6 hours from the OpenSea API. Since the main reason to gather the data is to track prices only non-bundled sales are processed.
Transaction Owner Asset Price
Time ID Old owner New owner Icon Asset Tech Currency Price Dollar value
04.06.2021 16:11 122306941 JimBLogic 0ca86f1c Quantum Torpedo T1 ETH 0,016 43,2
04.06.2021 16:11 122306943 baconsword 0ca86f1c Quantum Torpedo T1 ETH 0,015 40,5
03.06.2021 23:02 122037099 satman 0ca86f1c Quantum Torpedo T1 ETH 0,009 25,1
19.12.2019 15:32 12878984 Unity 5bde8dfa Quantum Torpedo T1 ETH 0,019 2,4
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