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Official CSC API from LucidSight

Long story short: There is none yet™. According to LucidSight, the developer of CSC, it will come soon™.
However that has been a year ago.

However there are inofficial API endpoints:
  • Bulk item data
    This endpoint provides one blob of data that contains informations on all assets ingame with all their properties, crafting requirements, how many exist in the universe and more. It also contains informations on how many trades were performed of this asset type and for which average price.
    You cannot query an individual asset type, you always get the bulk data. Thus this endpoint is great to fill you own backend database. It is not ideal for usage without a backend.
    Information how to access this endpoint is available on the CSC discord on the #dev-talk channel as pinned messages.

  • Market orderbook
    There is a second endpoint known to exist that provides realtime information on the current market orderbook of a specified item.
    This is potent information, since it is realtime, thus if you post an order ingame and query the API a second later, it will contain your order. Furthermore it contains some rather sensitive information, like the owner of the individual orders, which hasn't been decided yet, if this should be publicly available.
    Furthermore since this API is not intended for public use, it has no protection and no rate limiting. It could be easily abused.
    Therefore the access to this endpoint is not public knowledge and you need explicit approval from LucidSight to access this endpoint. Best way to approach this is to contact RyanJK on the CSC discord.

To my knowledge there are no other endpoints at this time. Which doesn't mean that (hopefully whitehat) hackers have found more and kept the knowledge to themselves.

Galaxy-Control API for CSC
Since the official API is taking its time and more and more people are asking for an API in the CSC discord, I've decided to provide some API endpoints to my backend from this site. Hopefully this will enable more fellow Commanders to provide the community with amazing tools making CSC a even more enjoyable place.


  • I'm neither a professional coder nor API expert.
  • I don't grant any kind of SLA or OLA on this. It's not a service you can demand some sort of availability on.
  • These endpoints will evolve and thus change in the future. Possibly breaking your usage of them. I'll try to announce breaking updates via Twitter, thus following there is highly recommended.
  • Currently there is a rate limit in place allowing one request per 10 seconds.
  • Quite soon there will be the requirement to identify via an individual API key, which can be requested via this page.
  • Down the road there will be either a free contingent of API calls or a rate limit. Exceeding this contingent or requiring a better rate limit you'll need to support this service, since every call is putting load on the server.


  • Base path for the API is
    This is followed by the version of the endpoint, currently "v1/" and then the endpoint itself e.g. "orderbook".
    This can be followed by parameters starting with "?" and separated by "&".
    Thus a valid call could be
  • As long as there is no API key, please set a UserAgent with a contact method e.g. "MySuperTool (CSC Discord: SuperTool)"
  • Please beware of the current rate limit of one request per 10 seconds.
  • If in doubt or uncertain then feel free to message me ("Successor"/Ethan02#9901) on the CSC Discord.
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