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By manufacturing items in CSC you have a specific chance of inventing an item of a higher tier dependent on your level on the current tier. If you are the first to invent such an item, then your name is immortalized in the items description.
This is how these statistics are created by extracting this information from the items descriptions.

CSC inventions over time Sum of player inventions over time

Latest 50 modules invented by players
Date   Name Tech Inventor
07.07.2020 Vanguard T2 Gkhomes
07.07.2020 100V PicoPlasma Beams T3 ResetNow
06.07.2020 Carrier T2 Ranger
05.07.2020 Concentrated Neutron Beam T4 Manti
03.07.2020 Cobamite O1 Screen T2 AcciDe
24.06.2020 Reaper Galena M7 T4 Jadystana
19.06.2020 DXN1 Graviton Dredge Collector T3 ForTheHorde
14.06.2020 PGC Cargo Carrier T4 RTG
10.06.2020 Cobalt VS100 Screen T3 MolekMan
09.06.2020 BG1 Aggregated Deatomizer T2 Tarranuss
08.06.2020 Breeze T2 Apex
07.06.2020 Sempra Harvester T5 Redfoot
07.06.2020 Dolo 1K Lead Mesh T4 Senvas
05.06.2020 100V PicoPlasma Beams T2 ResetNow
04.06.2020 Binary Graviton Laser T4 Kappacino
02.06.2020 Vulcan Cascade Laser T3 Alpha Commander
31.05.2020 Dregger T2 RTG
31.05.2020 Dolo A51 Vortex collector T3 Apex
29.05.2020 Gray FMC411 T3 Tarranuss
29.05.2020 VS1 Single Deck Shaker T3 MarGarin
27.05.2020 Thermal Allgad Beam T5 Plex
26.05.2020 VS22 Titanium Mesh T3 MarGarin
22.05.2020 Horizon T2 Magister Ythunn
22.05.2020 Titanium Riffled G22 Collector T2 MarGarin
22.05.2020 Gray U1 Nanotube Grid T2 Noteboom
20.05.2020 DoloPlasma RD100 Beam Set T3 Senvas
20.05.2020 VS1 Quantum Deatomizer T2 Tarranuss
18.05.2020 Anti-Matter ASR91 Collector T3 Tarranuss
17.05.2020 VS1 Trommel Sifter T3 MolekMan
16.05.2020 KG 300 Steel Diamond Mesh T2 MarGarin
16.05.2020 VT65 Plasma Core Separator T3 PepperJack
15.05.2020 BB Alpha Core Class 4 T4 Funtime
13.05.2020 Sol XXI Dredge Expander T4 Spaghetti
12.05.2020 Reaper V1 Viper Missile Launcher T4 Vicero Tempus
10.05.2020 Dolo 1K Lead Mesh T3 Senvas
10.05.2020 GM1 Silver Alloy Jet Separator T3 PepperJack
10.05.2020 Lazarus Prime Class 1 Core T4 Spaceballs3000
09.05.2020 KG1 Shaker Deck Dampener T3 Manti
09.05.2020 VC1000 Cobalt Mesh T3 MolekMan
04.05.2020 Packer T2 Magister Ythunn
04.05.2020 Quiver D22 Laser Booster T4 Spaghetti
30.04.2020 Kindled R1 Plasma Shield T4 Decipher
30.04.2020 Vulcan Kaya Z1 Mesh Caster T3 Tarranuss
29.04.2020 Nanotube V1 Grid T3 Tarranuss
27.04.2020 Destroyer T2 Tinman
27.04.2020 DXN1 Graviton Dredge Collector T2 ykk
24.04.2020 VS22 Titanium Mesh T2 Aristo
21.04.2020 Electrum Pulse X1 Scanner T3 Plex
20.04.2020 KG1 Trommel Screen T2 King Nerd
20.04.2020 Anti-Matter ASR91 Collector T2 Tarranuss
Number of inventions per player
Player Inventions
Tarranuss 14
Spaghetti 6
Apex 5
Zebest 4
MarGarin 4
Senvas 4
MolekMan 3
ResetNow 3
Manti 3
Tinman 2
PepperJack 2
Ranger 2
Haides 2
Plex 2
Vicero Tempus 2
Redfoot 2
Magister Ythunn 2
King Nerd 2
Spaceballs3000 2
Aristo 2
Notsogood 2
Funtime 1
Decipher 1
Noteboom 1
Alpha Commander 1
Kappacino 1
ForTheHorde 1
Jadystana 1
AcciDe 1
Teophod 1
Maverick 1
ykk 1
EvilRen 1
BobTheNailer 1
Cpt Future 1
Baby Jabba 1
RyanJK 1
Dojiflip 1
Simon 1
Budderking 1
melukun 1
CryptoBlockDan 1
Gkhomes 1

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