GalaxyControl    Crypto Space Commander - Recent OpenSea Sales   v0.1
Ships and modules from Crypto Space Commanders sold for CryptoCurrency and thus real value.
Data is gathered every 6 hours from the OpenSea API. Since the main reason to gather the data is to track prices only non-bundled sales are processed.
Transaction Owner Asset Price
Time ID Old owner New owner Icon Asset Tech Currency Price Dollar value
28.01.2020 14:34 14571337 oldoneeye c265c40e U.S.S. Rio Grande NCC-72452 T1 ETH 0,024 4,1
18.01.2020 17:38 14039975 Supercryptobros oldoneeye Reaper Galena M7 T1 ETH 0,110 19,3
18.01.2020 16:19 14036013 Phteven oldoneeye Photonic Cannon T1 ETH 0,200 35,1
18.01.2020 00:47 14000398 x13v oldoneeye DoloPlasma RD100 Beam Set T1 ETH 0,013 2,2
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